Beautiful places of Chandpur for travelling

Bangladesh is enriched with natural beauty. Bangladesh decorated with high hill to low land flood effected area, wide river like Padma to Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh have world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarban to forest. Every district of Bangladesh has it’s own beautiful sites to attract tourists. Here i will explain about the beautiful places for travelling of district Chandpur under Chittagong division. So let’s get started.

City of Hilsha

‌Chandpur is called the city of hilsha because of the highest number of hilsha productivity in Bangladesh. This district is surrounded by rivers like Padma, Meghna and Dakatia river. The outfall of river Padma is mostly known as Hilsha’s reproduction area. Every year Bangladesh’s 40% of Hilsha fish is coke from Chandpur district. Also the taste of chandpur hilsha is much better then any other hilshas. You can find out the Chandpur hilsha easily by see the eye of the fish, Chandpur hilsha’s eyes are red color and the tail is quite wide. So if you are travelling chandpur district thenbyou should visit the fish market of Chandpur for see the fish quality and quantity specially the hilsha fish.

Estuary of three rivers

Chandpur’s most famous place is estuary of three river Padma, Meghna and Dakatia river. The estuary of rivers also known as ‘Mole Head’. The bank of the river padma is like mini cox’s bazar sea beach for its sandy long length river bank. You can enjoy the sun set view at that place. Also there have mini boat and speed boat to rent, you can rent boat for while and feel the vive of middle river padma. Also there have a fish market called Mach Bazar very close to three river estuary. You can buy fish from there at very cheap rate. In 2020 August the government took initiative to increase the beauty of padma river side at Chandpur for tourist attraction.

Haziganj Grand Mosque

Haziganj Grand Mosque is a traditional mosque was started to build 1931 and finished at 1937. This mosque is placed at haziganj upzilla of Chandpur district. This mosque contain a islamic educational institution. This mosque contains two dome and one miner hight around 121 feet. The whole mosque is placed on 28,405 square feet land. The outlook of Haziganj Grand Mosque is very beautiful. Many tourists around whole Bangladesh come to see the mosque.

Transportation and staying in chandpur

Chandpur is a district under Chittagong division and its distance from capital Dhaka is around 104 KM. Get arrive any Dhaka to Chittagong direct bus and cone Chandpur around 3 to 4 hours amd it cost per head about 300 taka. Also there has daily launch from Sadar Ghat Launch Terminal Dhaka. Get into any Launch from Sadar Ghat and you can come to Chandpur Launch Terminal within 4-6 hours.
You can visit and go back from Chandpur in one day. Even if you want to stay chandpur, threr have so many 3 star hotels into chandpur city that’s will safe for you. Into a 3 star hotel of chandpur city there costs 500-700 taka per night and there will be extra charge for food.
If you are think about one day tour then Chandpur is the most basic choice for your travell list. And you must visit these included places for the best travelling experience.

Disclaimer: All the informations are taken from trusted and verified internet source like bangla Wikipedia and bangladeshi national daily newspaper. So all information you should be trust and plane your travelling schedule as these information. If there need any update please feel free mail us at our team will verify your issue.

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