Best 5 health tips for stay healthy

“Health is Wealth”, we all know this proverb from our childhood. So if your health is good then you are the most richest person in the world. Here you will see the beat 5 health tips to lead a healthy life. For leading a healthy life you have to do some hardwork, it could be in eating, it could be sleeping, it could be time maintaining. Because of health is the moat precious thing so this amount of harkwork should be done for your good health. So let’s get start.

Sleep and wakeup on time

Sleeping is one’s most needed thing for begin healthy. Your body will heal it self during sleeping, sleeping will help us to reduce fatigue, we gain energy for next day’s hardwork durning sleep. So, sleeping is most important for good health. An adult person must be sleep average 6 to 8 hours daily. But not less than 6 hours. If you daily sleep minimum 6-7 hours then it will heal all your body fatigue and give you more strength for next day works. When we sleep our internal body organism work in full boost. Stomach digest all food during sleep time. A good sleed also helpful for better digestion. We should sleep well for better health.

Daily 20 minutes running

Body exercise helps to increase your stamina level and low to medium exercise will increase your physical performance level. If one run daily 20 minutes in low to medium speed then he can burn more than 100 calories which is good for lose weight and increase heart work, low blood pressure, maintain blood sugar level and many more. Running also increase our breathing capacity, running helps to reduce toxicity from body, helps to gain good muscle strength. Again, if you can run in the morning time then morning walk is the most effective for good health.

Drinking enough water

Drinking water is another good habit for good health. We can’t lice water more than 3 days. Other name ofvwater is life. An adult person have to drink daily minimum 8 glass or 2 liter water. Water keeps our body clean from inside. Water clean our blood, kidney and so many body parts. Drinking lot of water keeps your skin clean and freash. Water helps us to cool down our body temperature. So everyone must be take enough water daily and the limit could be minimum 2 liter daily and you can take more if you can.

Take balanced meal

Food is another component which makes us healthy. A balanced diet can help you to become healthy. You know, there has food value called Vitamin, Protein, Fat, Oil, Salt. If all these food value added in one time then that is a balanced diet for a person. Vitamins helps us to fight against disease, Protein helps us to built a good physical outlook, Fat gives us more body heat provide us more labour power. So for a gppd health you must take a balanced diet in your daily food list.

Be Social

We all are living in a society. Our health is depends on two part one Physical and another is Mental. How much you strong physically that hasn’t any value if you are mentally depressed or mentally weak. So you have to grow your social character and friendly to all of your friends and society members. Thats will help you to build a good personality and you will be acceptable to all. If you gain the knowledge of leadership then you will be successful in any field of life and the leadership formula you can learn from your social activities. So always be social to continue your good health.

Here i tried to show out Best 5 Health Tips about make a good health. I home if you follow these health tips you will be a very strong person in physically and both mentally.

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