Best secure and free file sharing websites

We are living in the century of data, in this time the most valuable thing is digital data. Technology experts compares data with gold. So one should be store his or her data into a secure storage. Now a day’s there have so many websites provides us to store our data files into their web server for free or cheap rate or high rate for best quality security of our data. But many of us are bot ready to pay for our file store and sharing online. So we store our files into many less secure web store.
But after read this article you got the best secure file sharing websites for free of cost. So let’s get start.

Google Drive

I am suggesting google drive as the best of the best online file sharing website because this service produced by google and its security gives by google team. So there has no doubt about Google Drive stored files security.
Let’s know how to share your files in google drive:-

  • Create a google account.
  • Sing in your google account into your device.
  • Go to Drive.Google.Com
  • Now you can upload files into your drive account and share with whom you want or you also can privet your files for personal use.

Google Drive Facilities: Google gives you 15 GB of free storage for your account. If you want more storage then you have to pay google for extend your storage limit. The rate of google drive unlimited storage also cheap than any other companies. You will be very happy to know that your all files will get google security. There have an option to share your file to some marked user you want or you can private your file for personal uses or you can share with publically your files.

One Drive

I listed One Drive in the second position because there have google drive in 1st position. But one drive is a strong competitor of google drive storage. Onedrive is a service of Microsoft company. Microsoft will store Your onedrive data on their cloud storage and they will provide your data security. Firstly you have to create an Microsoft account bybyour email or mobile number and sing in to then you will get your specific cloud free storage for share your file to all. One drive provides you limited free storage and you can extend your storage limit by purchase their premium plans.
Onedrive is a very good platform for store files like video, audio and zip folders. Onedrive also keeps your data secure and you don’t worry about any safety issue.


Mediafire is very common and popular file shareing platform in this days. Mediafire company is quite responsible about users data security so they confirm end to end encryption for each file downloads. Mediafire also provides 10GB of free cloud storage for every user. For the basic storage you have to go and Sing in for basic package 10GB storage and you will get 10 GB free cloud storage from Mediafire. You can share all kinds of file in mediafire file sharing website and make them public or privet purpose use. So this is another good file sharing website for free users.


ZoppyShare is really good platform for share files and it serves more than 5 years. I picked ZippyShare for here because this has the most amazing feature which means you don’t need to creat any kinds of user account on zippyshare. Just go to and choose your file which you want to share and start upload. Ghe file will uploaded instantly and you can make this file privet or give permissions for everyone access. Zippyshare is well known for its 100% free of cost service and not for create any account. People just use it without any account issue. ZippyShare also provides a good quality security for all files they store. So your file will be safe you you use zippyshare.

Why these company gives us free storage?

You will be surprised when you know the cloud storage cost is more than oyr data plans but how we can access them almost free? You don’t know companies who provides free services that’s are not almost free. You don’t directly pay for your storage but you indirectly pay for it.
Example: Google drive offers us 15 GB free storage but once out will extend the limit then we have to purchase premium plans then that will their profit and the same business technique applies Microsoft OneDrive.
On other hand, mediafire and zippyshare gives use free storage, when we use this storage and share our files to all then they will show advertisements to our visitors and earn from there. So we don’t directly pay but these all companies indirectly earn from us. But again i think these are the best free file sharing site for their security and users terms and conditions.

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