Best ways to earn money in student life

Student life is that certain period when you get institutional education. Student life is the most valuable part of one’s life. This time contains major role to bring up a good personality and what you will do in your future life. So for future life a student might be do some savings and use it in future need.
Right now, many of you ask how to earn when i am student? Or you have question like,”Ways to earn money in student life.”
Don’t worry, i will tell about some best ways to earn money during student life.

Be a tution teacher to junior student

You know, teaching is a good profession also it has a good earning value. If you are an average lavel student like me, then trust you should tution to your junior students. Tution is a great source of earning in student life. If you teach the back class student you can do it because you already studied about those topics and you have experience too. So tution should be a good way for earning when you are a student. Though finding tution is quite difficult but once you get 2-3 students then thats very easy to earn montly upto 10-20 thousands INR or BDT very easily.

Online Business

In the time of 2021 online business is much better way to earning for students. Because now a days most people buy products through online, so if you create a facebook product service page and promote your service then thats confirm you will be able to generate a good amount from online business. On other hand it takes 2-3 hours in a day so there don’t issue on your studies.

Part time job

There have so many local stores around you where need sales men for their store. You should find them and apply for those post. That will give a good amount. So many students doing part time job for their livelihood. So you can try to be a part time job for you. This will help you to earn money in student life.


You will be surprised when you know students of class 10 are earning more than 1000 dollars from freelancing work. There have a big market of freelancing right now. If you are expert in a work then find a fild where you can serve your service throughout online. Then you will be paid for this. Also you can learn Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Blogging and you can start freelancing online. So you will be able to earn more in your student life.

Starting Youtube

Youtube is a good source of earning now a days. If you are think you can able to do some good video or entertainment videos then you can able to earn from youtube. Youtube will give monetization after 4000 hour watch time and after 1000 subscriber. So that will be very good source of earning in your student life. Also if you start youtube then you should get some sponsor and earn money and more. So if you are want to earn money in student life then you should try youtube channel.

I hope you already understood how to earn money in student life. So if you are really want to earn money from your student life you should try the all those tips giving here that should be working for you.

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