Best 5 Youtube Vlogger of Bangladesh

Youtube is world’s best and largest video sharing platform. In this time this video sharing platform is hardly popular in Bangladesh. The result of youtube connectivity, there has introduced many youtube vlogger in Bangladesh. There have many category vlogger in bangladesh like daily vlogger, food vlogger, travel vlogger, moto vlogger and so on. Of them here will talk about the most popular youtube vlogger of Bangladesh. So let’s get started.

Nadir On The Go

Nadir, he is basically a software engineer in USA and he finished his graduation studies from USA at the cost of loan 25 thousands Dollad and now he is the most rising travel vlogger of Bangladesh with subscriber of 350K+ but still vlogging is his passion and he make all travel video in his free time. Nadir has two YouTube channel one is Nadir on the Go and anotger is Nadir on the Go – Bangla. This two channel he upload all about travel videos ij language of English and Bangla. In the very short time he gaind around 300k subscriber on his bangla channel and it really increasing day by day. Here have the channel link of Nadir’s Vlogging Channels:
Nadir on the Go –
Nadir On The Go – Bangla –

Rafsan TheChotobhai

Rafsan, he is the no.1 food vlogger of Bangladesh in this time of 2021. He has a good number of subscriber of 635k in his youtube channel. Rafsan is sitll an undergraduate student in a private University of Bangladesh. He started his youtube vlogging in 2014 and now he is a most popular social media celebrity of bangladesh. Basically he review different kinds of food in his youtube channel. He is mostly known for his “2200 takar Jalebi” food review in ramadan 2021 and also re review restaurant like asian, chinese, japanese, thai amd finally lots of street food. His videos are quite entertained and have a good food review knowledge. So people like his video so much. Here Rafsan’s YouTube channel link:
Rafsan TheChotobhai –


Tawhid Afridi, he is the youth icon of bangladesh and a daily vlogger. He make videos on his daily activities and upload on his YouTube channel named TAWHID AFRIDI. His YouTube channel is the most subscribers vlogging channel of bangladesh with huge number of 4 Million subscribers family. He got the best content creator award from bangladesh government 2021 for his YouTube videos. He create vlogs on his daily work basis and he also works for humanity. He has own charity for helping poor peoples of bangladesh. Here Tawhid Afridi’s youtube channel:

Rakib Hossain

Rakib Hossain is a young guy of bangladesh aged around 19 to 20. He is a good comedy vlogger. His YouTube channel named on his name Rakib Hossain. He makes comedy videos with his friends amd his younger sister named Ritu Hossain. He has 1.4 Million subscriber on his channel and upload videos twice in a week. He studied in class 12 and his sister Ritu Hossain is on class 10. His mostly viewers are children so his vlogs are mostly for kids and funny videos. I hope he will be the most successful vlogger of Bangladesh. Here Rakib’s YouTube Channel link:
Rakib Hossain –

Sany GiRi

The list of bangladeshi moto vlogger is not so long and their number of subscriber is not very rich. But of them the most popular moto vlogger of Bangladesh is Sany GiRi which owned by Saifullah Sany a guy who studiy in undergraduate and moto riding is his main passion. He rides Pulsar NS 160 and make videos. He is specially known for his 64 District moto ride and he completed his 64 district ride within 40 days. He has 55k+ subscriber on his youtube channel. He upload 3-4 videos in a week and his channel’s special topic is Moto Monday. Every Monday he upload a video about motor cycle review, modifications. His all videos are good entertaining and good moto vlogging. Here is Sanygiri youtube channel link:
Sany GiRi –

All these youtubers are master on their own vlogging topics. So please don’t compare them in the ranking of this list. Thanks for all YouTube vlogger who create good contents for our entertainment.

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