Blogspot Pro SEO Tips 2021

The meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization doing for website rank on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing etc. Blogspot is a free service from google’s for hosting static websites. Here will be explain about the pro SEO tips for blogger. So let’s get started.

Pick right keyword

The word for which people find in search engine is called keyword. Picking a right is very important for rank a website. If your website content s new and your domain authority is low, then you have to pick low competition keyword for your website and then that will be possible to seo amd rank yoir site.

Quality of an article

Search engines are very concern about quality of an article. If you have an unique and authentic artist of a topic then people will be benefited from resource you provided then search engine will increase your rank and your site will reach more and more people.
A good and quality article means your article must have more recourse about that topic you written, your article should be clean and user friendly view, a quality article contains number of external recourse and that should be authentic. For search engine optimization your content must be rich quality.

Article URL must contain keyword

Every webapge people browser every page contains an unique url according to that website. And a url must be contains keyword you targeted for your article this will helps to tell the search engine which topic is included into your article.
Url should not be:
Url should be:
The second and green colored url is a standard and seo friendly url for any article. So you must be contain keyword into url.

Good meta description

Meta description is a description which tell the search engine about your post and the content you included into your post. In meta description you should be include your all keywords inputed into your content also you should clearly mention about your article idea. Then search engine will eligible to know about your content main idea. So a good meta description is must needed for Search Engine Optimization and rank your website.

SEO ready Blogger Template

A seo ready blogger theme is very important for seo your website. A responsive and mobile friendly blogger theme helps to increase your website loading speed. Search engine is very concern about user experience that’s why a fastest blogger theme is help website seo perfectly.

Heading on a article

Each article must be contain heading tag of H1, H2 and H3. This will specify about the paragraph info what you written into under each heading. Also search engine read heading tags well and identity about the content written you have into that article. So just put a good heading tag and reliable tags for your article.

Use easy and readable language into your article

Easy and understanding language is very needy for visitors who visit your website. If you are use a good and understanding language and explain about your content then readers will come back and always like your web contents.

Categories your article

Category will specify about the content idea you puted into your website. Cetagory will tell tee search engines about the types of article you have in a specific category. A category name must be named into a specific word which people mostly search for. So categories is very important for an article seo and rank website into search engine.

Also blogger is a product of google so google will help your blogger website to increase your rank easily. Also blogger has a writer friendly interface. So if you are starting a website then blogger is the best choice for you and just maintain all these heading i am quite confident about your website ranking. Happy blogging!

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