Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

Mobile Banking is a service to conduct financial activists through mobile and other digital devices provided by bank or any types of financial companies. This is totally a digital service to transaction money one to other with the help of mobile, tab or other digital devices. Mobike Banking helps us to fet money facilities without any hard copy of money. You can send and recieve money 24*7 by mobike to mobile without and issue or going any bank for cashout. In the case of Bangladesh, Mobile Banking is quite new but most uses thing in daily life. Dutch Bangla Bank Bangladesh firstly introduce with Mobile Banking in Bangladesh through their Mobile Banking service called Rocket(রকেট) in December 2010 but it officially opened for operate to all in May 2011. After that time there come many Mobile Banking services like Bkash, Nagad, MCash, Upay, MyCash, SureCash etc. Here i will explain about some mobile banking system of bangladesh and about their works. So let’s get started.

Mobile Banking Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh publically using mobile banking in 2011 from that time to 2021 there came many mobile banking companies those are:

  • DBBL Mobile Banking (Rocket) owned by Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. Bangladesh is the first mobile banking organization of Bangladesh.
  • Nagad owned by Bangladesh Post Office Ltd, this is the most cheapest mobile banking service of bangladesh, its cashout rate is 9.99+vat Taka per Thousand.
  • Bkash owned by Brac Bank Ltd. Bangladesh us the most successful and mostly using mobile banking service of Bangladesh.
  • Upay owned by United Commercial Bank Ltd. Bangladesh.
  • MyCash owned by Mercantile Bank Ltd. Bangladesh.
  • Ok Mobile Banking owned by One Bank Ltd. Bangladesh
  • MCash owned by Islami Bank
  • SureCash owned by Rupali bank

These are the well knowned and well served mobile banking companies of bangladesh right now.

DBBL Mobile Banking (Rocket)

Dutch Bangla Bank is the first one who introduced mobile banking system in bangladesh by their Rocket financial service. They started their Rocket service on May 2011. Roket Mobile Banking provides user to Cash Out, Send Money, Mobile Recharge, Pay Bill, Money Transfer from Cards and also gives discounts on occasionally.
For creating a Rocket account you just download Rocket app from google play store and give your NID information and some personal details and your account will be immediately created and you will ne able to transaction money from your account and do other activities from your Rocket Mobile Banking account.


Nagad mobile banking service organized by Bangladesh Post Office Ltd and this is the cheapest mobile banking service of bangladesh. Where other companies charge 20, 18.8, 17.5 taka for per thousand taka cashout there Nagad just charged only 9.99+vat taka for per thousand taka cash out. The important fact is the profit of nagad is going to our Ministry of Post and Telecommunication so it will helps our govt to earn more.
Creating a nagad account is so easy, just dial *167# and set a pin and your account will be created. Nagad doesn’t need NID information reason behind it is they can took our nid information from mobile operator companies. There have an android app of Nagad in google playstore. You can download it and easily operate nagad facilities through the app. Nagad features Cashout, Send money, Mobile Recharge, Bill payment etc. Nagad started their journey in 11 November 2018. Till now they assigned their brand ammbassador Mashrafee Bin Mortaza that’s why nagad got a very good pick to customers.


BKash is the moat popular and mostly used mobile financial service in Bangladesh so far. BKash started on 2011 and owned by Brack Bank Bangladesh. This the the largest mobile banking service provider of bangladesh. BKash have the highest number of merchants, agents, users in Bangladesh. It charges 17.5 taka from app cashout and 18.5 taka from mobile dial cashout on per thousand taka.
For creating a BKash account you need a NID card and card holder photo. Download BKash app from google play store and submit your informations and create your account at home. Now you ready to do your financial activities through BKash app. bKash app allows services like cashout, send money, pay bill, mobile recharge, online banking, public donation etc. BKash is the most decorated mobile banking service of bangladesh with their long list of service. You can enjoy app bkash app features by dialing *247#. Almost every district has bkash office, so if you are in trouble then don’t worry go to bkash customer care they will solve your issue. As far the news 39% bangladeshi adults using bKash mobile banking service.

Mobile banking in bangladesh is quite good and organized sector. All organizations are try to give their best service to attract more customers. I hope within 10-20 years Bangladesh will be cashless country for mostly available these types of mobile banking services.

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