Myth about VPN

VPN whose full meaning is Virtual Private Network using for our daily purpose like hide our ip, visit blocked sites, change location, secure browsing etc. I am quite confident that you have already know and use vpn in your daily life because of reliability of free VPN services. VPN works like a tunnel where your browsing http request goes and come out with https redirect and over providers web server, your ip address get masked and your identity makes anonymous for the website or server which you want to access.
Now a days, vpn companies promote themself through online platform like youtube, google, facebook etc. for using their private service and being a user of their facility. That’s why there have many myth about vpn and uses of vpn. Here you will clear about some myth about vpn. So let’s get started.

VPN changes your location

Virtual Private Network in short VPN change your geo location this myth is totally wrong. For clearing the concept of changing location by VPN we have to know vpn location how works. So, a vpn is a kind of tunnel which cover your whole network and bring out a new network from other side of tunnel. A vpn convert your real ip to privet network server ip so whenever you connect with a VPN you show you are in a different location for your Internet Protocol (IP) address, but still your geo location is same. So don’t think after connect a vpn you completely changed your location its just changed your network ip address.

VPN hide your identity

VPN companies promote that they provide their customers military level security of their data and logs. But this is just fot promotional purpose of their VPN. There hasn’t a single company who protect their customers data like military grade. But this also true, paid vpn has much secure structure even they don’t provide you 100% security. Your logs are stored into vpn provider database, if their any criminal case of any country government need your info all vpn company are ready to give your all logs and history. So don’t think about paying a lot for vpn and you got 100% security of your data.

VPN hide you from your ISP

ISP means Internet Service Provider which company gives us internet access by their broadband connection. When you got any ISP connection thy give you a terms and conditions paper where they clearly tell they will observe your activities through internet and if they think you are doing any illegal act then they give your info to cyber crime department. So many people use vpn to hiding them from their ips, but they don’t know vpn just change ip which doesn’t hide their activities from ISP. This os impossible to VPN to hide you from your ISP.

VPN unblock blocked sites

VPN unblocks blocked website this myth is kind a truth. Let me explain, “A website is blocked by the authority of school, company and highly a country banned any website from their country. This means when you are under the network of that school or company or that country that much time you cannot access that banned or blocked website for your network or country ip. VPN permit you to change your device ip address and give a new ip from country like USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore and after connectivity of vpn with your new ip you can access that blocked because that site may not blocked in that countey which ip you got from vpn. “In example, Bangladesh government blocked which is world’s one of the best free file sharing website. So users of Bangladesh can’t access that site directly, they use vpn to reach mediafire and put their files and share with others.”

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In this way vpn helps you to unblock and blocked site.

If you are using vpn then don’t worry you are doing wrong, vpn keeps you a bit of secure than normal internet surfing. But use it carefully and don’t any illegal activities which could suffer you ij future. We all should respect our Digital Security Law and follow them.

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