Places of interest in Comilla district

Cumilla is the largest district of Chittagong Division and Cumilla is located on the banks of the river Gumti, Gomti, Gumati or Gomati. Cumilla district is 95-100 KM far from the capital Dhaka. There have so many attractive historical places for visiting. Within one day you can cover mostly all interesting places of Cumilla district. Here you will know all interesting places of Cumilla district. So let’s get started.

How to go Cumilla District

The transportation connectivity of Cumilla is very good from any other districts of Bangladesh. Cumilla have own Railway Station, Two Diatrict to District bus station, One Airport for Air transportation. From capital Dhaka you can go Cumilla by direct train or you can arrive bus from Komolapur or Sayedabad cost of 150-200 BDT and you will reach within 1.5-2 hour through Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Also there have a good way to boat transportation into Gumti river. So you can Travel Cumilla whatever you want.

Visit salbon bihar cumilla

Cumilla is well known for it’s historic place and the most known for Salbon Bihar which placed in Maynamati. Maynamati Jadughar is also their. Basically Salbo Bihar is a base of damaged king’s place which built mire than 200-300 years ago. In recent time, govt take initiative to make a Boudha Temple where have one golden Boudha shape which weight around 1 Metric Ton. Also Salbon Bihar has a good number of Sal trees and many mire historic material in the Maynamati Jadughar. If you are planning to go their you must be try to go Salbon Bihar.

Interesting places of Cumilla District

Cumilla is a very interesting district for travel and you can know many new things. If you visit cumilla you should go Queen Maynamati’s Place which placed in Burichong, Cumilla. This place is already damaged but the base of that place still in good shape. Also you can try the War Cemetery which is a memory of First World War. Many British soldiers had been rest in peace in War Cemetery Cumilla. Cumilla War Cemetery is open for all 8am to 5m and there have a lunch brake at 12pm to 2pm in this 2 hour the cemetery is closed for visitors. Also you can go Cumilla City Park where King Dharma Pal made a big lake for his queen also for relief water problem of his kingdom members. You can try Cumillar Rosmalai which is world famous. These are the most visited place in cumilla where travellers mostly go.

Education History of Cumilla

Cumilla district’s education result is fat well from many other district’s of Bangladesh. There have two century old educational institution. One is Cumilla Zilla School a high school and another is Cumilla Victoria Govt. College a higher secondary and Hons Degree college. In recent year there built a public university called Cumilla University in Maynamati which campus based on 50 Acres Forest and Hill land. Cumilla University is open for all viaitors. If you travel cumilla district then CoU is a recommended spot for you. Also cumilla Airpost is a good visiting spot for tourists because of its nature beauty. And lastly you can see the natural beauty of the river Gumoti which gives you a very good feeling.

Overall cumilla district is quite good place for one day tour. Here you can enjoy river to hill, farm land to forest, technology to old structure. Also the food of cumilla is quite good for outsiders. If you plans to tour for one day then you should visit cumilla.

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