The Best Top 5 WordPress Theme of 2020-2021

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Hellow, If your wishing to run a website
through wordpress then you have to know
which is the best wordpress theme for your
website and which theme will go with your
website content. So for all details about
best wp theme of 2020 to 2021 you should
continue reading and you can findout your
needed wordpress theme.

We make survey on many wordpress theme for
many types of web content after that we
publishing this result. We noticed some facts like fast loading
wordpress theme, good UI wordpress theme,
top rated wordpresa theme, best selling wordpress
theme and finally best user friendly wordpress
theme and we get a very good result and finally
we are able to ranking the beat top 5 wordpress
theme of 2020 to 2021. Below have the list of top
5 theme and given short and most needed description
of that wp theme.

List of The Best Top 5 WordPress Theme

  1. Astra
  2. GeneratePress
  3. Newspapers X
  4. Schema
  5. Divi

Here you get the ranking of top 5 wp themes
below you got the basis of ranking them with
their features.

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra WordPress Theme is a fast loading theme with a good user interface. This theme is very good for niche website like technology, health, food, cooking etc because of its light weight look and faster loading.
Astra theme is 2 column wordpress theme. One column is for the post body and another column is for widgets like popular posts, category etc. But there have a feature for make your astra theme one column and then whole website come into center and all elements will be show on center and there will not any column.
So astra gives you a good feature to control your contents however you want to display them. For a very good speedy loading and a freash and attractive UI we give astra the First position in our list.
Astra has free and paid both version theme. So you can download the free version with limited features and use it for your wordpress website for free of cost.

Demo & Download Atra WordPress Theme

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

GeneratePress has taken the number 2 position on our list. GeneratePress is a multi usable theme. This Theme have different version for topics like marketing, application, news, food etc.
The default version og GeneratePress Theme is 2 column theme. Like all other theme one is main column and another column is for widgets. You can change the left right alignment of columns and main body. Also you will be able to change fonts, style menu, change color of whole theme.
This theme is quite light weight and good loading speed on GT Matrix tool. GeneratePress have a premium version where you will get special feature like import export your blog site, customize whole theme and so more and that’s called GP Premium Plugin. Whatever if you are a starter then you may use Free version of GeneratePress and that would ve enough for your site.

Demo & Download GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Newspapers X WordPress Theme

Newspaper WordPress Theme by Tagdiv has gotten the number 3 position on our list. Newspaper X WordPress Thene is a newspaper-magazine theme which mostly used now a days very much. People love it’s design and colourful layout.
This Theme 3 column wordpress theme. By default left and right column for widgets and the main body section in the middle where your website content will be shown. also this has 2 menu bar on head. The most likely thing og tagdiv newspaper theme is the mobile veraion menu and search option ar both much colourful and good to see. If you are starting a news or magazine website then i recommend you to use newspaper theme on your wordpress.
Newspaper X theme provided by Tagdiv official. This is a paid theme there have no free veraion of it. You can show demo of it and buy this from theme forest.

Demo & Download Newspaper X WordPress Theme

Schema WordPress Theme

Schema WordPress Theme has placed no.4 position on our list for its smart look, fast loading time and user satisfaction. This theme is provided my MyThemeShop company. Schema WordPress theme ha responsive, there has in built review system, ultrafast, HTML5 and CSS ready theme.
This theme by default have 2 column. One is left which contains main post body and another in right side contains widgets. This theme have a good menu bar and very well documented body style that’s why this is ultra fast wordpress theme. Now a days many people using this theme for website like technology related, food, business, blogging and many more.
MyThemeShop provides both free and paid version of this theme. If you want to try then you should use the free version of this theme. In the paid version you get some more features what you will like. You check demo and if you like it download schema wp theme official mythemeshop site.

Demo & Download Schema WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme is a product of Elegant Themes wordpress theme and plugin company. Divi has taken no.5 position on our list of top wordpress theme 2020 and 2021. Divi WP Theme is a good and freash, clean looking wordpress theme. This theme is affiliated with Elementor wordpress plugin. So you can modify ultimate style using elementor wp plugin ang give a very high quality look of your wordpress website.
If your website is for blogging then you should use this theme on your blog. Also if your website provides service, magazine, news, sell then you should use this theme and connect elementor plugin and give look however you want.
You can checkout Divi Premium WordPress Theme and buy the premium version officially.

Demo & Download Divi WordPress Theme


This ranking is not universal, our team check some must needed terms like user interface, user experience, loading time, seo settings, most downloaded, high rated on many themes and finally we got these themes on top of our list and we published our result to all of you.
So if you think this is a good positioning then must share this to others and if you find any issue please contact us that will be pleasure for us.

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