Top 5 fast loading wordpress theme

WordPress is a php web app to create a website like blog, portfolio, news, video streaming and many more. Besically wordpress based on php, database for data store and html-css for create a beautiful user interface (UI). People use wordpress most because of it’s seo(search engine optimization) plugins and attractive and fast loading themes. Basically a fast loading theme is quite needed thing for rank an article in google search. How much fast your webpage load that much visitors will like to visit your site. So a fast loading wordpress helps you to score a good number in seo. Let’s know about top 5 fastest wordpress theme in this time. So let’s get started.

Best 5 fastest wordpress theme

Fastest theme is that theme which load your website content much quicker into visitors browsers though visitor is mobile user or a desktop user. WordPress theme works for give a better experience to your website visitor.
We ranked some wp theme as far their loading speed in mobile and desktop browsers and all theme are tasted by GTMatrix, Pingdom and finally Google speed test website and we make our ranking list and give it below:

  1. Astra
  2. Generatepress
  3. Fastest
  4. Neve
  5. OceamWP

All these themes earned very good loading speed but overall we ranked them in a list, so dont worry if you are using OceanWP and think that’s bad for your site. Not at all, it’s depends kind of Your content in your website. So now its your choice which is the best for your website.

Astra wordpress theme

Astra wp theme is a multi purpose wordpress theme for website like news articles, daily vlog, tech blog, food blog, portfolio etc. There have inbuilt 2 column in astra theme and you are able to customize aas you like. We tasted astra loading speed and other needed topics of this theme and we like to give this into the first position. Below give the statistics of astra wp theme:

  • Speed Index: 1.9s
  • Size: 239KB
  • HTTP Requests: 7
  • Performance Score: 100%
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly

Generatepress wordpress theme

In our list generatepress stay into the second position. Basically generatepress is good perform for news article blogs. Also it could be used into other website after a good customization. Generatepress is a good looking wp theme for it’s menu bar loading timing. There have some demo projects in generatepress theme youb can import all demo projects after install the theme. Here some statistics of Generatepress wp theme:

  • Speed Index: 2.1s
  • Size: 220KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9
  • Performance Score: 100%
  • Responsive: Mobile friendly

Fastest wordpress theme

Fastest is a freash and clean uner interface wordpress theme and it is very fast loading and responsive theme both on mobile and desktop. Also this has a good user interface which attracts visitors most.

  • Speed Index: 2.3s
  • Size: 243KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9
  • Performance Score: 100%
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly

Neve wordpresa theme

Neve is specially for block editor of wordpress and its a product of ThemeIsle. This is a light weight theme and good responsive on all devices.

  • Speed Index: 2.7s
  • Size: 238
  • HTTP Requests: 7
  • Performance Score: 91%
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly

OceanWP wordpress theme

OceanWP is a light weight theme like astra, there hasn’t so many sidebar or colorful css and other java programme. So, it is load fast without any issue on any browser.

  • Speed Index: 3.5
  • Size: 246KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9
  • Performance Score: 90
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly

Disclaimer: All these results are check by techpriyo team and we also borrow information from trusted sources and share with our visitors. So if there any wrong info or other issue please give us a mail at our team will verify that issue and if any copyright issue we will remove that material of copyright you have owned.

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